KOPYR Cares February: Things Are Heating Up!

We got some snow, but that couldn’t slow down the hot pace of the KOPYR Cares volunteers! In light of Family Day and Valentines Day, we did our best to bring smiles to as many people as possible.

Pursuit Projects, with support from Canadian Red Cross and KOPYR Integrated Systems & Services, coordinated 10 events throughout February 2021, the most ever in a single month- the shortest month, too! 39 volunteers distributed 500 bags of groceries, household supplies and gifts to 529 individuals from 3 seniors’ residences and organizations; homeless and disadvantaged people on Hastings in the Downtown East Side. Our 30 single moms also received bouquets and chocolates.

Speaking of moms, six of the ladies attended the launch of the new Single Mothers Support Group. One had this to say:

“I have been hiding for 2 years – isolating myself… maybe this is the time to live my life again.”

When one’s unexpected circumstances drastically alter their ideas of how they imagined they’d be living their lives and raising their children, it can feel like they’re frozen in time, debilitated, and not able to sort through tasks or issues that seem mundane or obvious to outsiders.  We are hopeful this new platform will continue to grow, and encourage these single mothers to share stories, advice and informational resources with each other.

The Youth Corner is going strong! Several Zoom gatherings took place in February, encompassing a music and singing jam, Red Cross instruction on the proper use of PPE, and, always important, a career development session! This will be especially beneficial as our province, like others, struggles with high unemployment rates. The children truly are the future, and we can help.

As always, we thank the driving forces behind these endeavors: Canadian Red Cross, KOPYR Integrated Systems & Services, and the compassionate guidance of Rodel Salamida.

If you or your company would like to volunteer with us at any upcoming events, or can sponsor our giving and sharing of grocery items, gift cards, monetary donations or have ideas or proposals on how you might contribute, please reach out to our KopyR Cares Coordinator, Pursuit Projects Society’s Rodel S. at [email protected] or visit the website at https://pursuit.kopyr.ca/ .