Like other investments, managed IT services are an investment. You only need to consider the return it can bring. Businesses are initiated to earn a profit. KOPYR Managed IT Service allows you to stay focused on growing your business’ core competencies and other vital areas while we keep it safe and up to date with new technology.


Cybercrime is increasingly becoming a security problem many companies are trying to grapple with. The devices in your organization can be hacked into or experience data loss. This includes tablets, desktops, smartphones, servers, and laptops. Many organizations have gone bankrupt, primarily attributed to data loss. Don’t fret! By using KOPYR Managed IT Services, you’re assured your business is safe from dreadful IT attacks. We monitor and stop cyberthreats before they happen.


Your business may already have the relevant technologies that are suited to your company. Still, managed IT services can bring even newer, more sophisticated technologies to the forefront. As a business, you can leverage this to maximize your company’s potential. You spend less valuable personal time researching new technologies to introduce into your business with KOPYR Managed IT Service. You’ll use your time more productively to advance your organizations goals and seek more growth and expansion areas.


Running an IT department is no easy task because even a minor mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. Some of these problems include security hacks, network downtime, slow systems, software issues, and hardware failures. However, sourcing the services from an external team means your business will easily keep operating without these issues.

All these benefits of KOPYR Managed IT Service blend to increase your businesses productivity. We create an IT environment that is reliable, efficient, and well-supported. Whether you run a large or small business, IT services offer many benefits. For each benefit outlined above, think about its impact on your daily work and your bottom line.

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"At KOPYR, we genuinely love our customers. That’s why we give our leasing customers the same choice of printer options as those who purchase directly from us. "

At some point, every business needs to decide whether to buy or lease their copier/printer. When it’s your turn, let our knowledgeable team at KOPYR help you choose the best option! Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about your printer/copier needs.

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Great company to deal with. We've had good customer service over the years and Linda Tucker was very knowledgeable when we first came on board and was able to secure a good price for our organization. I highly recommend them.

- Tracy Baker