CYBER-ATTACKS ARE ON THE RISE – Don’t let them hijack your company!

Because employees are the core of any business, they will be the main target for cybercriminals. Making sure your people stay up-to-date with cybersecurity knowledge, and teaching them to recognize threats, is imperative to the security of your business. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your approach to defense.  92.4% of malware is delivered via email.  90% of security breaches are inadvertent, unintentional, and caused by human error.

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"At KOPYR, we genuinely love our customers. That’s why we give our leasing customers the same choice of printer options as those who purchase directly from us. "

At some point, every business needs to decide whether to buy or lease their copier/printer. When it’s your turn, let our knowledgeable team at KOPYR help you choose the best option! Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about your printer/copier needs.

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Terrific company. We have been working with them for close to 20 years now. Great expertise and knowledgeable staff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting Office MFPs or IT Services.

- Penny Cosmos