For some businesses, a large purchase such as an office printer, photocopier, or all-in-one machine can seem like a daunting investment. Leasing could make better sense for your company in the long run. Every lease includes a full KOPYR Care package: we provide service across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Whether your office needs to purchase or lease a new printer, we have the perfect fit for you!

Benefits of Leasing or Renting a Printer/Copier

  1. Lower start-up costs: If money is tight right now, leasing is a great way to avoid a large initial expense, by spreading out costs over a longer term with fixed and predictable monthly payment options.
  2. Frees up capital: When you amortize your cost to lease a printer, you free up your budget to invest in other areas of growing your business
  3. Easy to upgrade: Technology evolves quickly, and office copiers are not exempt. Leases make it easy to upgrade. You don’t have to worry about trashing or selling your older printer- just send it back at the end of your lease and select a newer model with more advanced features.
  4. Maintenance and supplies may be included: Many lease agreements include stipulations for regular maintenance and for supplies, so it’s a great way to bundle services you’ll need into one expense.

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"At KOPYR, we genuinely love our customers. That’s why we give our leasing customers the same choice of printer options as those who purchase directly from us. "

At some point, every business needs to decide whether to buy or lease their copier/printer. When it’s your turn, let our knowledgeable team at KOPYR help you choose the best option! Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about your printer/copier needs.

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