Pursuit’s 2021 Youth Camp

At KOPYR we love teaming with other local businesses to sponsor events centered around empowering our local youth. This month we were able to team with Sukhi Bath Motors to sponsor Pursuit‘s 2021 Youth Camp.

This years camp included 12 youth and 6 camp staff members. They started their journey on a beautiful day in August. Together, they traveled to God’s Peak Lodge near the town of Golden. Pursuit was lucky enough to extended this year’s camp from a short weekend excursion to a fun-filled 5-day retreat. This gave them the luxury of having 7 sessions with activities, group breakouts, and sharing from some of the leaders. The leaders centered their discussions around the topic of leadership through pain. Pursuit holds this camp not just so that local youth can get away but with the intention to discuss life and to make a powerful and positive impact on each other’s lives. 

Between all of the sessions, meals prepared together, team games, assignments, and bunking in the same cozy lodge everyone left feeling closer as a family and stronger as individuals. From the youngest camper of 11 to the oldest participant who was the owner of the lodge, everyone grew through the experience and had a lot of fun along the way.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and leaders that made this event possible.