What is a Copier Lease & Why Should You Lease?
If you’ve ever inquired about a copier or printing equipment, you’ve probably heard the term “copier lease.” It’s typically offered by the seller, asking if you would like to lease or purchase the copier or printer.

But What is a Copier Lease in the First Place?
A copier lease offers businesses a cost-effective way to enjoy a new machine. In a copier lease, the cost is typically spread over a 36-60 month term so that you can have budget-friendly monthly payments. This serves as a better option for most businesses who do not want to shell out a large amount of money to purchase a piece of printing equipment.

What Types of Copiers/Printers Can I Lease?
At KOPYR, we carry a full line of Toshiba and Riso Multi-function printers. Multi-function printers offer every feature needed for your busy office. Print, copy, scan, and fax — these machines do it all, and more! Our Good Fit Analyst will work with you to find the perfect machine.

Why Should Your Business Lease a Copier?

Low Upfront Costs
Choosing a copier lease allows your business to avoid putting out a large sum of money. This preserves capital, which in return, allows your company to allocate funds to more important things, like expansion or advertising.

You Avoid Equipment Obsolescence
Since a printer lease runs for a fixed period, you’re able to return the used printer when your contract ends and then acquire a new lease for a more advanced machine. This allows your business to keep your machines updated, avoiding work stoppages due to outdated technology.

You Receive our KOPYR Care Program
At KOPYR, we love our customers, which is why each copier lease includes our KOPYR Care package. This can be tailored to fit your needs, offering either cost-per-page or copy block. This all-inclusive package includes all required toners, drums, and other consumables, as needed. Also, all labour and parts are included.

It Gives Peace of Mind
Aside from the KOPYR Care program, our leasing contract offers a maintenance plan. This is an excellent deal for companies or businesses without their own IT staff. With 24/7 technical support and IT support, you never have to worry about downtime. Our skilled technicians fix most problems on their first visit. They will have your copier back up and running quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a new copier or printer, contact one of our Good Fit Analysts to fit your business with a new copier lease today! KOPYR Cares!