“KOPYR Cupid” Referral Program

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🌹 Here at KOPYR, we’re buzzing with excitement, and it’s not just because of all the chocolate and roses.

We’re thrilled to launch our “KOPYR Cupid” Referral Program, and you, our fantastic customer, are at the heart of it!

Share KOPYR Love, Get Lovely Rewards!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re turning our appreciation for you into a fun, rewarding experience. For each friend or business connection you refer to us who signs up for a new copier lease or purchase, we’re sending a sweet $100 gift card your way.

Here’s How You Can Be a KOPYR Cupid:

  1. Spread the Word: Got a pal dealing with printer woes? Share how KOPYR has made your work life breezier.
  2. Connect Them to Us: Ensure they mention your name when they call or email. It’s your ticket to the reward!
  3. Reap the Rewards: Once their deal is all set, a $100 gift card is yours – just like that.

Why They’ll Love You for It:

  • Access to the latest in copier tech, hassle-free.
  • The kind of top-notch service that you rave about.
  • Being a part of our eco-friendly mission – it’s cool to care!

Ready to play Cupid and line up those rewards? Just shoot us a reply or dial 604-200-6388 to kick things off.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day more than just sweet – let’s make it rewarding for your friends, for you, and for us at KOPYR.

Eagerly waiting to send those gift cards your way!

P.S. Don’t wait too long – our “KOPYR Cupid” offer is fluttering away soon, ending on February 29, 2024. Let’s get those arrows flying! 

Click here to send your referral.