Do you own or operate a small business?

Small businesses do not typically have an IT department yet they still use a smaller scale of the same technologies as big companies. Accounting, payroll, email, and file sharing on any level are not immune to technical problems, security vulnerabilities and service availability issues. While large corporations generally have a team of professionals providing immediate onsite support, a small business cannot always afford such luxuries. If something goes wrong your systems can be down for a long time before help arrives. The hidden costs from loss of productivity can be enormous.

There is a way your small business can access affordable IT resources!

KOPYR’s IT Managed Services Plan is all about working with you, for you. For a flat monthly fee proportional to the size of your business, our team can become your IT department. We will look after all of your technology management needs the same way an internal IT department would. Because we provide these services to a multitude of other organizations, there is economy of scale. We can keep your business up and running by implement solutions and processes to protect you from catastrophic failures, such as ransomware, system failures and natural disasters.

Health is wealth!

Think about it this way: nobody likes to visit the doctor but inevitably we must do just that. To keep the doctor away we can eat healthy and exercise. Likewise, the KOPYR Remote IT Services team’s primary focus is to proactively monitor and mitigate harm before it occurs so you can focus on your business and remain productive. Our team takes care of day-to-day tasks and issues; a dedicated technology manager is responsible for documentation, security, compliance, impact assessments and best practices; our Chief Information Officer is responsible for business impact, strategy roadmaps and business relationships. When these roles work together, you get world-class IT managed services.

We love our customers and are committed to providing you with topnotch world class service!

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