Is Your Email Protected from Cyberthreats?

Have you ever wondered how secure your company email really is? Most businesses feel they have a process in place to protect emails from Cyberthreats. No company or business is immune from email attacks. Hackers are always looking for new approaches and ways to abuse company brands and domains to trick employees, customers, and partners, mainly via malicious emails.

It only takes one click on an email to compromise a company’s entire operation with ransomware.

This is why DMARC is an indispensable solution for your organization.

To start DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.

To better explain, DMARC is a system or technology of email authentication and validation. It works as a protection layer, a protocol that checks and reports details about the sender and the recipient of the messages.

DMARC protects your company’s domain from being used to send emails linked to threats. These threats include phishing, spoofing, spam and other forms of fraud.

Did you know KOPYR offers a DMARC solution?

KOPYR’s Cybersecurity compliance standards protects your business brand and reputation. Our team of experts are ready to assist with your DMARC management project to ensure secure and trustworthy email delivery.

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