RISO Inkjet technology is changing the way offices print!

Are you printing high volumes on a monthly basis? Have you heard how RISO Inkjet technology is changing the way offices print?

In many business settings the office printer is seen as an irritation. Whether it’s hesitation to print large jobs due to the fear of paper jams, slow print speeds, constant machine breakdowns due to the printers being overworked,  or even strict limitations on whether printing in colour is seen as a luxury the office can’t afford.

RISO Inkjet technology offers the perfect solution for any office. While traditional toner-based technologies use heat to melt the toner onto the page, RISO’s heatless Inkjet process, means the paper always comes out cold, flat and dry. This reduces paper jams, improves reliability, and with INK being up to 5 x’s cheaper than toner, RISO provide a far more economical solution to any office…Not to mention they are FAST! With print speeds up to 160 pages per minute.

RISO’s heatless printing process makes the devices incredibly environmentally friendly, using 90% less energy than toner devices and producing fewer emissions and silica dust. This makes RISO’s an ideal printer for any environmentally responsible workspace.

For more information contact our RISO specialist Nick Devlin at [email protected]