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1. For Single Step Manufacturers

Get expertise from engineers who understand the process and help you build a cutting edge business.

2. Flexible Customizations

Part by part we offer flexible plans that help your team stay lean yet have an unparalleled selection of materials and processes.

3. Sustainability

The footprint of an industrial additive manufacturing system is much smaller than the footprint of a traditional manufacturing site. We help you reduce your carbon footprint by supplying you with a full 360° service.


A great idea is nothing without the tools to make it happen. That’s why we don’t stop with the 3D printer itself. We also provide a market leading choice of materials, smart software integrations, and expert consulting through our team.

3D Printing Is
Revolutionising The World

Many companies have embraced 3D printing. Others have plans to introduce the technology to replace traditional subtractive manufacturing. As a matter of fact, recent research shows that over 70% manufacturers have now adopted some form of 3D printing.