How RISO Can Help Your Non-Profit

In recent years non-profit organizations have attempted to cut expenses by migrating to online forms of communications. However, they quickly saw a drop in their readership levels, and consequently their donations.

Approximately, 81% of people read their direct mail for over 1 minute, as compared to most emails being read for an average of 12 seconds before being deleted!! (hopefully you read this one for longer!)

RISO Inkjet printers offer non-profit organizations the perfect solution to increase their readership and fundraising through printed materials.

Increase Funding, by spending less…

RISO Inkjet technology makes color printing an affordable option at less than 2 cents per page, a fraction of the price of color toner.

Start printing in color and you’ll truly see a rise in funds,  as studies have shown that Colour generates a 34% faster response rate 

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What Are The Main Applications Being Printed With RISO’s?

Fundraising Letters –  Annual Reports – Envelopes Outreach Material –  Employee Manuals – Letters –  Forms – Newsletters – Membership Materials

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