Giving Back to local seniors

At KOPYR we love giving back and are fortunate to be able to partner with other groups that share our vision . August and September we focused on giving back to our local seniors. Keeping our most vulnerable population safe and healthy is our top priority. In some cases that means dropping prepared hampers of food to them and in other cases we set up tables with healthy food and vegetables giving them the freedom to “shop” outside in a safe environment.

Hampers for Seniors

The months of August and September were filled with giving. We were able to team with Pursuit and CityReach to supply food to many groups of seniors across the lower mainland. CityReach supplied the food and KOPYR supplied the vehicles for Pursuit to pick up and distribute the food.

Fresh vegetables, fruit and other necessities were distributed at Columbus Housing, Filipino Seniors Club of BC as well as Grandview Towers.

The smiles, stories and overwhelming joy these seniors give the volunteers is priceless.

Grandparents Special Day

We were excited to help sponsor this event celebrating Grandparents along with City Reach and BC Liquor Store. This event was extremely special because it was the first time Pursuit Youths and Pursuit Seniors at Columbus Towers would meet and celebrate each other’s company in person. The Youths performed a TikTok dance routine, recited an empowering poem, presented a piano solo performance of You Raise Me Up, and followed by the singing of some popular joyful songs. They ended the evening with the youth giving teddy bears and produce to the seniors.

Teddy Bear Giving at Grandview Towers

While some might think that giving someone a Teddy Bear is a simple and common thing, to a senior who may be lonely it can mean the world. It touches them not only that they received the bear but that we cared enough to give it to them. We had one 82 year old senior that had never received a Teddy Bear in her whole life. She shared stories of how her late husband had never given her a bear and how she never had any children so never had the opportunity to have toys or stuffed animals. She fondly held the bear close to her heart while she told her story.

It is for this reason that we partner with Pursuit and BC Liquor Store for events of this kind. A simple act that makes a huge difference in someone’s life.