Document Systems Direct Is now

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired DSD Document Systems Direct Ltd. through an amalgamation with KOPYR Integrated Systems & Services Inc. Henceforth DSD will be known as KOPYR.

Welcome to our new website, KOPYR.CA. We are enhancing our services and will continue to provide the great products we have acquired from DSD. KOPYR has recognized that we all need to protect ourselves from Viruses, Malware, Hackers, Fraudsters, Phishing, and all other forms of electronic attacks on our data and our systems. We are offering a real-time VACCINE program for your electronics! Check out our AI-driven IT Services on our website.

In 2021 KOPYR will be introducing Industrial Ink Jet printing and product marking services and supplies for marking bottles, packaging, products, food items (like eggs), lumber, etc., in line with the production processes here in the province of BC.

In 2022 KOPYR will introduce industrial 3D printing products, services and supplies for the Industrial 3D marketplace here in BC. Get on the waitlist.

In the coming weeks, you will expect to see changes in the company as we transition away from the DSD identity and name over to our brand-new identity, KOPYR Integrated Systems & Services Inc.

Commencing June 1st, you will start to see the changes unfold in what we hope is the post-Covid-19 world and the new normal. If you are implementing greater work from home programs, we can help. Our AI and IT crew can provision your systems to seamlessly deploy work from home solutions while at the same time protecting your hardware, software, staff and data from the new dangers and security issues that you face with a broad-based work from homeworld.

We love our customers, and we love to help, give us a call at 604-278-6060 to get started with a sufficient work from home program.

Warm & Joyful Regards,

Danielle Sachs

Your Good Fit Curator