Did you know that ink cartridges can sometimes cost more than the printer itself?

Many standard store-bought desktop printers use small, expensive ink cartridges that must be changed often and, in most cases, end up costing more than the cost of the printer itself. Our professional-grade printers use toner cartridges which last longer, cost you less per page and provide you with outstanding print quality. Ready to upgrade to a professional-grade printer tailored to meet the demands of your busy workplace environment?

Let me introduce you to the Toshiba e-STUDIO479S MFP: Small yet mighty, the e-STUDIO479S MFP is the superhero of cramped offices! With its compact design, it’s like fitting a powerhouse on your desk or tabletop with optional stands for added versatility. Prepare to be impressed by the extensive range of features this MFP offers, enhancing productivity in your workspace.

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