Covid restrictions are making it more important than ever for our KOPYR Cares program to carry on stronger than ever. Marginalized members of various communities around the Lower Mainland are the epitome of Aristotle’s philosophy that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Everyone’s life has a purpose, and we strive to give a helping hand where we can to those who may be struggling with the basics.

It was definitely a different type of holiday season, and we took on changing 465 lives throughout January with no less enthusiasm.

We served essentials such as socks as well as ready-to-eat meal items to 155 people in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. One of our volunteers was once homeless and struggling with addiction in the Hastings area from the age of 14. She says:

“When I was here on the street, getting a handful of candies is already a ‘jackpot.’ You have no idea what we felt getting this amount of gifts you give us.”

Between the Filipino Seniors Club of BC and Columbus Seniors Housing we gave out 130 sacks of rice to these remarkable and resilient people. 150 seniors at Grandview Towers gratefully received groceries and household supplies. 

One of our most touching messages of thanks this month came from one of the 30 single moms to whom we’d distributed a sack of rice and two bags of groceries:

“Thanks for the groceries. Don’t you know how happy I am, because I am running out of rice and toilet tissue. My son told me, ‘Mummy, we can use water. I know how to use water to clean my face. You really are blessing us. Thank you for the sponsors!”

Our Zoom meeting at the end of the month with our volunteer Youth Leaders set the tone for what’s still to come this year. We were able to plan activities and strategize how we can continue to reach out to the youths in our community. If you or your company would like to volunteer with us at any upcoming events, or can sponsor our giving and sharing of grocery items, gift cards, monetary donations or have ideas or proposals on how you might contribute, please reach out to our KOPYR Cares Coordinator, Pursuit Projects Society’s Rodel S. at [email protected] or visit the website at https://pursuit.kopyr.ca/ .