Recommendation from Stephens Holman

February 2/2021

Stephen Welton

Being a client of yours for the past 10+ years, I want to thank you for helping us make the decision to move forward with the Toshiba photocopier. Being a Panasonic user for many previous years, it was completely out of our comfort zone to try a new product line.

The Toshiba photocopiers have been a great asset to the firm. The staff thoroughly enjoys how user friendly the machine is to get their tasks completed. The printing speed of the Toshiba by far surpasses the speed of the Panasonic printer and the staff are thrilled to have less wait time for their big print jobs.

The replacement of the machines was a big concern for our office, as we can’t have a lot of down time, and I’m truly thankful to you Stephen, for the time you committed to our office to help set everything up and teach us how to use the machine, both as users and administrators.

I’m very thankful to you for always being there to answer any ongoing questions regarding the machine – you have never let me down. Your patience with me and your endless knowledge of the equipment has made my job a lot easier and the staff are happier.

I have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending people do business with you and KOPYR Integrated Systems & Services Inc.

Sincerely yours,

Natalie Refeen

Office Systems Administrator

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