Creating A Virtual Mobile Office With KOPYR 360°

To adapt to the social distancing safety measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are re-inventing their working environments.  The CEO of a local business systems company asked us what it would take for all his staff to work from their mobile devices with minimum disruption to their customer services.  Because KOPYR cares, we pay keen attention to our customers and do whatever it takes to meet their immediate and long-term goals. So, using Microsoft 365 and Teams technology we created a virtual office for the business.  Every employee who did not have one, was issued a laptop and a mobile phone. We ensured that all their business applications were hosted in the cloud. To ensure that staff would have easy and secure access to shared files from any mobile device, we migrated shared folders and files to OneDrive and eliminated local file servers. We ported their business phone lines to Microsoft Teams so that staff would answer and make calls to customers from any device (laptop, iOS, or Android phone) and using the same phone numbers as always.  We then retired their legacy Panasonic PBX phone system. Lastly, we installed a Logitech Video conferencing system in the boardroom to facilitate virtual Teams meetings with staff, customers, prospects, and business partners.

The CEO was thrilled!