Bangon Cagayan

On November 15, 2020, the Philippines was hit by another strong typhoon (Typhoon Vamco) while recovering from Typhoon Goni’s effects. The relief efforts have been exhausted as Covid-19 numbers continue to increase globally. At least 3.8 million households lost power in Metropolitan Manila and the outlying provinces. In addition, 30 people are confirmed dead, with many more reported missing as the numbers of evacuated total 350,000.

As a part of our corporate responsibility, KOPYR is grateful to be partnered with Pursuit in a new project called “Bangon Cagayan” (translating to Rise Up Cagayan). In 4 short days, a team of volunteers expects to serve 500 families tomorrow with food, clean water and bags of groceries. KOPYR’s mission is to “LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS,” and in extension, we want to extend this love and compassion to the families affected by this crisis.

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