ATTENTION: Schools, Churches, and Printing pros!

Ready to level up your printing game? Enter the world of RISO duplicators!

🌟 Why RISO?  Let’s break it down: 
💨 Speed: Zoom through print jobs in a flash, perfect for bustling   places printing flyers and info sheets.
💰 Cost-effective: Save big on ink and energy, especially for those massive print runs.🎨 Versatile: Tackle any printing task with ease, from simple docs to vibrant materials.
🔧 Reliable: Built tough to last, with minimal maintenance and less downtime.
🌱 Eco-friendly: Go green with less waste and energy usage.
🤖 Easy to Use: User-friendly controls for hassle-free operation.
🎨 Unique Process: Get top-notch prints with bold colors and crisp text, thanks to digital duplicating. 
f you crave speed, savings, versatility, reliability, and eco-friendliness in your printing, it’s time to snag a RISO duplicator!  Reach out to our Sales Reps at [email protected] or call/text 604-200-6388 to

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