At KOPYR, we believe it’s all about people. With amazing clients like you, we continually hear feedback about all the reasons you love KOPYR. While we never get tired of hearing about it, we thought it was our turn to return the favour. So here it is! We love you because you push us to be better. We will never tire of servicing you and being obsessed with your needs. We love you because you teach us something every day, and you make Monday’s the highlight of our week!

We Are Available 24Seven

Service is service, and we want to be there when you need it most. With our On-site 24Seven Services Program our Satisfaction Agents are available all day, everyday.

No Road Blocks To Service

No matter how large or small your request, we will find a way to accommodate your needs. If you don't want to give us a call, that's fine; we accept texts! If you don't want to text, well, that's fine too, write us an email. We will ask you what works, on your schedule and your favourite communication platform.

Sharing The Love

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent service and personal attention to details. Know them for more that 12 years and consistently pleased with their service

- Hussein Sheriff